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7 years after an acclaimed self-titled album in 2012, Swiss 70’s alternative / explosive-blues rockers Edmond Jefferson & Sons will release their second full-length album called ‘The Winter’ for CD, LP & Digital on March 8th through Hummus Records (Emilie Zoé, Killbody Tuning, H E X….).

In the meantime, the band just premiered a first audio excerpt from this upcoming effort with the single “Helsinki” available right now on Bandcamp.

Powerful, sensitive, introspective : ‘THE WINTER’ Edmond Jefferson & Sons’ second album,conveys a deep and instinctive musical intention. Written mainly during winter and recorded on analog tape, the eleven tracks of this opus will take you on a journey into the intimate world of the quintet.

The Winter, the band’s second album, will be released on Hummus Records in March 2019.


psychedelic, 70s rock
Base: Bienne, Switzerland

Label / Booking / Press:
HummusRecords / Domino Media Group



I want to stay here, the road is a kind of skin, with you sitting on the ground, I feel that I need the chaos
Helsinki i like your dirt
I scratch my palms, the rules of your love and hugs are rolling us on the pavement, cause you’re a friend of the dark
Helsinki i like your dust
I paint with my hands in your hair with my dreams
I see you becoming small i see your love staying i feel the wounds of your love growing on my knees.




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