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BLACK REUSS – single “Hole” from album “Journey”

Black Reuss is the flow of life of a man who describes the change and chapter he experienced, through music. Life is like a river, always moving, mostly downward. The name originates from the river Reuss, a Swiss river that rises in the Gotthard massif in the middle of Switzerland, where Black Reuss lived during the writing of Metamorphosis. 

Metamorphosis was the first chapter, released on June 4, 2021, on Black Reuss own label. 

Journey is about surrendering to inner preferences and being less and less controlled by material or negative things. Going through different stages, progresses as well as regresses. Sometimes Black Reuss experiences bliss, feelings, and inner peace. But he also realizes that there are always stumbling blocks on his journey…will he find his freedom and arrive? 

“Falling becomes easier and doesn’t hurt the same” 

Journey out May 6th, 2022 

In this album is included the song “Hole” .

Black Reuss
[May 6, 2022]
gothic/doom metal
Base:  Liechtenstein

Label / Booking / Press: 
Angels Pr Music PromotionTS 



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