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out on February 26th 2021 

On 26 February 2021 Soulimage are gonna publish their new single „Imperium“ via Echozone to set the stage and fire up the mood for their upcoming album.

Mastermind Rob E. Soul’s quintet stays true to its previous musical development. In comparsion to the last album „Human Kind – Animal Mind“ the new song has an additional proper pinch of heavy metal influences thrown into the mix, nonetheless Soulimage never neglect the electronic, grooving foundation that has always formed their style.
The result is a kick-ass mixture of steamrolling guitars and melodic synthies with Rob’s voice being the familiar bond that keeps it all together. It will immediatly find its way into the listeners‘ ears and necks. the Spanish electro-project Cyborgdrive contributes, as so often, a successful remix version of the single song. The single’s flip side consists of a re-recording of „Generator“, building a bridge to the band’s eralier musical creations and bringing them up to speed. The original track from the album „The Whole Universe“ is dominated by synthies, the re-recording is much more rocking while maintaining the groove that makes the song so great. While being a bit slower than „Imperium“, the song is still a beast of its own that has nothing to hide. It perfectly demonstrates the band’s ability to combine elements from different styles and make it their own. „Raining Blood“, the third song, is the finishing touch. As a ballad comprised of nothing but piano and vocals it is musically as far from the other two songs as can be but thanks to Rob’s prominent voice it still is infused with the distinctive Soulimage vibe and a testament to the band’s range. 

[February 26, 2021]
alternative, electro rock, gothic, industrial
Base:  Germany
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… “Imperium”


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