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Allternative si sposta dalle parti di Padova per presentarvi un festival dalle sonorità forti, oscure, suoni grondanti di doom, stoner e gothic, miscele unite tra loro per creare l’amalgama giusta per un sabba perfetto.
Melodie lunghe e cadenzate s’impadroniranno del Bloom Club regalandovi una serata fuori dal comune.
Sul palco si esibiranno i RETURN FROM THE GRAVE, da Venezia, che presenteranno il loro ultimo “Gates of Nowhere”, da Treviso i WHISPERS OF FATE con il loro Symphonic Metal, sempre da Venezia gli AWAKEN THE SUN ed infine gli SHIVAN. ↓

“Dawn Of A New Hope”

“If you are thinking of a band with the SABBATH’s 70’s mood and a Metal sound of Stoner / Doom flavor, you have to give a listen to RETURN FROM THE GRAVE, the new intriguing signing of the Argonauta Records roster. These four guys comes from the lost lands near Venice, Italy, and have been operative since 2011. Horror stories and the hidden meanings of life and death are the main themes of their upcoming new album “Gates Of Nowhere”, featuring Heavy Doom hymns recorded completely in analog….”


WHISPERS OF FATE “The Oracle On Fenrir”

“This musical project brought to life by Betty and Kaos that has always existed in their strong devotion to music and nature.
The musical composition begins in early 2007 and after many attempts to form a proper band the duo starts working on the first full-length album.
Even if the band’s core still consists in the two founding members in 2009 Alexander joins the project as drummer and Venom as keyboard player. Joey joins the band first as a live bass player and then turns his role into guitarist and a active member.
In 2010 the…”


“Snow Stained Heart”

“AWAKE THE SUN is a modern dark metal band band from Venice (Italy) with members from:
The band proposes a personal interpretation of the classic european Dark/Doom metal, filled with melancholic and haunting melodies and blended with ambient and post rock influences….”


SHIVAN“Behind yourself”

“Shivan were born in the 90’s, from the idea of founder member Giovanni Landolina, as a band of friends in their twenties,
with a great passion for gothic/black metal (very popular in these years).
In 1997 the band recorded their first four track demo titled “Bitter As Gall” (in cassette tape);
it got good reviews and allowed the band to perform their first live gigs in Veneto, Italy.
During the following years, took place the songwriting process…”



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L’11 Ottobre 2014 al BLOOM CLUB – Via Terraglione 84, Vigodarzere (PD)

Contributo per la serata 5 € con tessera ARCI

Enjoy it!

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