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New single by DEAR DEER “Joan”, taken from the forthcoming album “Collect and reject” out on 25th of march 2022.

Clémentine Vanlerberghe Directed by Alexandre Dinaut 


Oh ! Joan !
She’s hearing, voices, Joan
She smells, smells like roasted ham
Screaming screen scenes,
Too far, To be seen

Oh ! Joan !
Oh ! Joan !

Get off ,
Get off the track now,
You’re beating,
A dead horse dead horse now

Oh ! Joan !
Oh ! Joan !

Epileptic Seizure
That’s a phone call !
From the heights are rising,
Waves of milky venom

Oh ! Joan !
Oh ! Joan !

Thrown into the fire,
Woman in the night,
Pageboy in the day,
She is getting lit, it’s so bright

Were you the only girl,
On the battlefield,
Painfully puffy,
There’s boiling blood, all over

Screaming screen scenes,
Too far, right, To be seen
She’s a crisp in your hand
She smells like roasted ham

Oh ! Joan !
Oh ! Joan !

Dear deer
[January 14, 2022]

electronic, electro rock, new wave, noise rock, post-punk

Base:  Lille, France
Label / Booking / Press: 
Manic Depression Records // Swiss Dark Nights


Music by DEAR DEER (Iovino/Sourdeval)
Lyrics by Claudine Sourdeval



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