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Japan Suicide announce their new album, Ki, slated for the end of
April 2019. Ki will be available in all digital platforms and in a limited
edition of 100 printed copies.

“KI is our legacy, an essential gesture driven by creative flow and inspiration to make a contact.
Our peaceful attack.
The Aikido master Koichi Tohei wrote, in his 1962 book What Is Aikido?: “What is the light meaning of ki used in our daily life? A good feeling, a bad feeling, a great feeling, timidity, vigor, courage, a retiring disposition, et cetera – these are terms used in our daily life. In each word or phrase, the Japanese use ki as an integral part. The reason is that a human being was created from ki of the universe.
While he receives ki, he is alive. Deprive him of ki and he dies; he loses his human shape. So long as his body is filled with ki and pours forth abundantly, he is vigorous and filled with courage. On the contrary, when his body has run out of ki, he is weak, cowardly and retiring.
In Aikido training, we make every effort to learn to fill our body with ki and use it powerfully.
Therefore, we must understand well the deep meaning of ki.”
We took Mishima Yukio as witness of this expression, in all of his ambiguity and vital force, to enlighten our journey in music.”
Life and melting, Mishima!

“There is only one thing I fear in life, my friend… One day the black will swallow the red.”
This mysterious message from Mark Rothko and its art are in front of us while the unutterable
“What we call evil is the instability inherent in all mankind which drives man outside and beyond himself toward an unfathomable something, exactly as though nature had bequeathed to our souls
an ineradicable portion of instability from her store of ancient chaos.”- Stephan Zweig.
This is a passage that we have used for the lyrics of this song. It is contained in Confessions of a Mask of Mishima Yukio. Its figure is central in our new album called KI.
KI was recorded at The Nave Studios in Leeds, UK, and produced with Matt Peel (known for producing the Kaiser Chiefs and Eagulls). It will be released at the end of April. It follows Santa Sangre (2018) and We Die In Such A Place (2015). Artwork by Maruko Fukusujiku.
“What we call evil is something inherent to all mankind that puts man outside of himself and pushes
him further and further to something stranger, just as if Nature had left to our souls a legacy from her store of ancient chaos ” (S.Zweig)
Like a stunning smile framed into the wall, while the unutterable breaths



[May 6, 2019]


post punk / new wave


Terni, Italy




Ki was recorded by Matt Peel (known for producing Kaiser Chiefs and Eagulls) at The Nave Studios in Leeds, UK. It follows Santa Sangre (2018) and We Die In Such A Place (2015).

Artwork by Maruko Fukusujiku.

As preview we present you the first single extracted, One Day The Black Will Swallow The Red, inspired by the art of Mark Rothko and by Confessions of a Mask of Yukio Mishima, that is a central figure in all the album.




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