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Leave Bennie Alone
“self titled” Album
out on March 5th 2021 

Roberto Arcidiacono is Leave Bennie Alone, a solo project that mixes pop vocal lines with rock and alternative music. He started playing in 2013 with his band “Highfive” and in the following years they performed in northern Italy reaching the acclaimed stage of Alcatraz in Milan. He released his first album titled “Leave Bennie Alone” in 2021

“s/t Album”
Leave Bennie Alone
[March 5, 2021]
alternative rock, pop rock, post-punk
Milano, Italy

Music and Lyrics by Leave Bennie Alone / Roberto Arcidiacono except “The Dome”
Written and performed by Leave Bennie Alone / Roberto Arcidiacono & Francesco Trapuzzano / Cifra
Drums by Gabriele Marmondi
Mixed and Mastered by Gabriele Marmondi & Gennaro Di Mauro (Modular 58)

… “Stars Are Dead”



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