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Lester Greenowski
release “Carpenter’s Cult”
out on December 9th 2022

“Carpenter’s Cult” is the latest album by Lester Greenowski, 13 songs inspired by 13 titles from the work of American filmmaker John Carpenter.

Alongside the usual formula, with which Lester mixes late seventies New York punk rock (Ramones, Heartbreakers, Dictators etc.) and hard rock of the same period (AC / DC, Kiss, Cheap Trick etc.), there are influences that have always been present in the author’s background but that have never been fully explored in its sound.

Misfits, Lords Of The New Church, Fuzztones, The Beat, The Plimsouls, 20/20 etc. peep out both by similarity and by contrast with the atmospheres of the feature films that inspired the songs. A series of references ranging from horror punk to goth rock, from garage revival to powerpop, color a record that tries to re-propose in his songs the eclecticism with which Carpenter has faced his own works over the years.

Out on December 9th for Rocketman Records, this new work features Matteo Bassoli from Me And That Man on bass, guitars and synths; Davide Furlani on drums, SJ Aschieris from The Rocker on guitars and many other guests. Greenowski as well as being the author of music and lyrics is feautured on bass, synths, piano and obviously vocals.

Lester’s love for cinema has thus also found an outlet in his music, retracing the career of someone who has always got his hands dirty with all aspects of his work, an outsider by vocation with a spirit often similar to that adopted by many greats of the underground music scene, Carpenter in punk rock sauce, as the cover suggests, is finally served.

"Carpenter's Cult"  

Lester Greenowski
[December 9, 2022]
hard rock, glam rock, punk rock

Label / Booking / Press: 

Rocketman Records


Music and Lyrics by Lester Greenowski

Lester Greenowski – Vocals, Piano, Synth, Mellotron, Bass on “Assault On Precint 13”Matteo Bassoli – Guitar, Bass, Synth, Organ, Piano
Davide Furlani – Drums
Il Nino – Guitars on “Halloween” and “They Live”
S.J. Aschieris –  Guitar solo on “Village Of The Damned”
Eddie Cupido – Bass on “Big Trouble In Little China”

Recorded in the summer of 2021
Mixed by Lester Greenowski
Mastered by Ettore Gilardoni

Cover art by Dave E. Dee

… “They Live”



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