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K A O U E N N  

Miragesis Kaouenn’s second full-length, after the self-titled debut of 2016. Almost five yearsmarked by the move to France, new encounters, repeated changes and intimate evolutions of theauthor: migration and maturation. 

Kaouenn’s Miragestell of a new life lived for the most part in France but,  ideally, much further south of Europe; of a nomadic soul who has allowed herself to be seduced and enriched by each new encounter; of an eternal dichotomy between opposites, the true essence of its very existence. Visions: desert and jungle, prairies and galaxies, mountains and sea depths, fire and ice (“TOMM” and “YEN” in Breton).Lights and shadows, such as those experienced in the recent years, as to suggest to him that certain perspectives are as tempting as sometimes deceptive, showing the illusory and utopian side of thedream.
Eight cinematic and multiform tracks in the contrast between electronic and acoustic elements, with a marked use of percussions, guitars with delay, and a voice as an instrument in the background. Adecidedly enlarged palette of colors and suggestions compared to the previous full-length, but always in the name of personal experimentation and hybridization between genres (rock, world music, electronics, ambient), a sort of “hypnagogic imagined South” in the wake of a certain contemporary and non-contemporary psychedelia (Can, Popol Vuh, Ninos Du Brasil, Indianizer, The Lay Llamas, C’mon Tigre,Peaking Lights).
Finally, in Mirages Kaouennhas the privilege of hosting highly esteemed artists with similar sensitivity such as Above The Tree and Sara Ardizzoni (Dagger Moth / Massimo Volume / Cesare Basile e i Caminanti), who have brought an important contribution to the work 

Kaouenn | guitars, bass, synth, organ, xaphoon, sax, vocals, samples, programming Above The Tree | additional guitars inMirage NoirSara Ardizzoni | additional guitars inK2 Recording and mixing | Nicola Amici @ Ph37 Soundlab, Biarritz and Nice (France)Mastering | Giovanni Versari @ La Maestà studio, Faenza (Italy)Music | KaouennArtwork and layout | Alessandra JabedPhotos | Caterina Fattori

[February 5th 2021]
experimental, krautrock, post-rock, psichedelic rock
Base:  France
Peyote Press

Miragesis released digitally and on vinyl by the consortium of Italian and French labels Atypeek Music (Lyon), Beautiful Losers (Venice), Bloody Sound Fucktory (Ancona) and Ph37 Soundlab (Nice).
Kaouenn (“Owl” in Breton) is the alter ego of Nicola Amici, a multi-instrumental musician born in Jesi (Italy) and currently expatriated in Nice. Already guitarist and saxophonist of Butcher Mind Collapse, Lebowski, Jesus Franco & The Drogas and member of the new born electronic trio Barabba, the solo-project Kaouenn made his debut in 2016 with the homonymous album which was well received by European critics allowing him to perform in Italy, France, Belgium, and Switzerland. At the base there isthe need to embark on a journey in still unexplored territories, relying on one’s instinct and self-sufficient spirit of survival. On stage, you are captured by a multisensory and hypnotic experience, based on musical and visual performance, with an oblique approach between genres: psychedelia, world music, kraut-rock, electronic, and ambient

… “Reachin’ the Stars”


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