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release “Mondano”
out on September 23rd 2022

The concept of the album refers to worldliness (mondano = worldly). Dusk and full moon kind of invite us to leave home and do worldly things, that is, to have fun without religious guilt.
MONDANO is a tribute to the lifestyle I chose to have, that of worldliness, in contrast to every attempt of religion and society’s moralism to condemn the worldly lifestyle. I do not condemn this style, on the contrary, I celebrate the fact that I am mondano… As Proust shows in his book ‘In Search of Lost Time’, where the main character discovers his vocation and life fulfillment not in asceticism, but in worldliness. I also think that it is by enjoying the world that we grow spiritually. With all the pains and delights of this planet – this is how we enjoy life to the fullest. Asceticism is for the weak and repressed. Life is too short to be spent without pleasures. Enjoy your life, embrace all colors, learn from all experiences, live your worldliness to the fullest…
Being Ascetist is out. Being Mondano is in!


[September 23, 2022]
grungegaze, nugaze, shoegaze
Firenze, Italy


1. 1+1=1
2. Dissociation
3. Stampa Clandestina
4. Flame
5. Keep Smiling
6. Fluids Exchange
7. Trans-Spirited
8. Sunburst
9. Escapist Comfort


All songs written and produced by Denis Kandle
Recorded at home studio in Tuscany, Italy (2022)
Mastered by Kenneth Estrada in Berlin, Germany 

… “Stampa Clandestina “



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