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Omega Diatribe released their 10th years anniversary EP with a brand new music video

The Hungarian multi-award winner extreme groove metal pioneers are back with their brand new EP called ‘My Sphere’ to celebrate their 10th years anniversary on the stage over Europe. 
If you familiar with Omega Diatribe you know roughly what to expect with their new material: Tons of heavy grooves, in your face vocals, insane drumming but this time they put more soul into the songs then ever before. 
‘My Sphere’ EP containts a brand new banger, a reissue for their break-out tune ‘Molecular Torsion’ from the full-lenght debut album ‘Iapetus’ and 2 insane remix by the Hungarian electro-metalhead music producer dOTS for ‘Parallel’ & ‘Coronal Mass Ejection’ from the fourth Omega Diatribe record ‘Metanoia’ which is just out of this world! 
The EP has mixed, mastered & co-produced by the legendary danish metal producer Tue Madsen at Antfarm Studios. His contribtuion guarantees the rawness and sonic brutality of the production! 
This record will make your head bang and hit you in the feels. 
Get ready and catch Omega Diatribe on tour over Europe!

“My Sphere”
[September 16, 2022]
djent, extreme metal, groove metal, modern metal
Base:  Hungary


Press photo: (Kristof Lanyi)
Cover artwork: (David Metzger)



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