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out on th 2019 

A few months after a debut EP ‘Three Flowers And a Bike On a Balcony’, Swiss noise-rock/indie power-trio LØRE (with members of FAT WANG) is back with a new EP called ‘Nailfish’ and available right now on Digital exclusive on the main legal platforms (Apple Music, Deezer, Spotify…).
About ‘Nailfish’, the band comments : “We are very spontaneous guys. So one day we thought it would be cool to record a new EP, the week after, we were in the studio. With this new record, we wanted to express this sense of emergency, insurrection but also fun and madness that surrounds us. “Nailfish” represents that ; a bipolar atmosphere between the seriousness of this world and the lightness with which one lives it. It’s like a fun and noisy revolution” (David Bourquenoud, LØRE) 
LØRE is a bunch of decibel and feedback-loving buddies, reunited to do what they do best : playing too hard, mixing harsh riffs, dark vocals and percussive drums. LØRE is mostly Rock who craves too much for you to be bored.
Completely DIY, they released a first 5 tracks EP in early 2019 called ‘Three Flowers and a Bike On a Balcony’, which set the tone for what they would do : fast rock and noisy (punk).  
After a couple of gigs to twirl the guitars, they recorded a second EP ‘Nailfish’ and compelling in 26 minutes the nervous style of the group, between garage punk and noise rock.

[November 22, 2019]
noise rock, garage, punk
Label / Booking / Press:
Domino Media Group

… “Beehives”





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