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out on September 24th 2021

Dedicated to the end times: Founded in 2015 near Berlin, Vlimmer is a one-man project with a mission to create a bleaker version of shoegaze, kicking off with a double EP entitled “I/II” which belongs to an 18-EP series. To his own surprise, Alexander Donat quickly found himself between the chairs of the darkwave, post-punk and goth scenes instead of shoegaze – which, of course, reveals a lot about the origin of the genre. The plaintive, floating, often dreamy vocals merged with the reverb of the overlapping synthesizers and guitars to create an apocalyptic whole that was driven by constant (often Kraut-infused) rhythms.
Fast forward, January 2021: After the end of the EP series, Donat bans all instruments used on the previous recordings from his studio and starts with a clear vision and new equipment. The dystopian “Nebenkörper” LP pushes hyperactive (tribal) drums – especially toms in all sizes – into the foreground and creates a modern variant of atmospheric wave with now more aggressive vocals and the psychedelic use of the new “Polybrute” synth. In their DNA the songs have elements of blaring noise rock, clattering industrial, flooding shoegaze and nagging black metal. Years ago, talking about Vlimmer, the Swiss magazine ArtNoir put the fitting term “Grim Wave” into circulation – now it’s a perfect match. Yet, it’s not everything: The album starts sedately with African drums and hypnotic synth waves that feignedly lurk and peek out again and again over the course of the 40 minutes. It’s the permanent premonition of an oncoming storm.

[September 24, 2021]
Industrial, Darkwave, Post Punk
Base:  Berlin, Germany
Label / Booking / Press:
Blackjack Illuminist Records


Listen/purchase (Bandcamp): https://bit.ly/3CM4LnL
Listen (Spotify): https://spoti.fi/39yljmz

Music and mix: Alexander Leonard Donat
Mastering: Pete Burns (Kill Shelter)
Artwork: Alexander Leonard Donat

… “Ad Astra”



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