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Their first full-length album “As Is” was a more grown-up release than their self-titled debut, and they took a more serious angle, focusing on writing great songs, and put more thought into arranging the parts. Diner Drugs explains their music in their own words: 

“We’re a loud and punchy stoner metal band but we also have smooth vocal harmonies that usually catch people off guard. We love playing and even though our overall attitude is we’re pretty chill, we take a lot of time to craft our songs and it’s a group effort when we write so it’s not someone up there playing someone else’s songs.”

Diner Drugs knows how to grab the attention of their listeners and “Need Time” will do just that. A fuzzy wall of sound forms the base layer with energized punk drumming, harsh hardcore vocals, and raucous guitars with the icing on this loud cake of harmonized clean vocals, making it suitable for almost anybody’s taste.

Those looking for another slice of what Diner Drugs is serving up won’t have long to wait, the band suggests there will be another album released in 2021.

Punchy and crunchy, Diner Drugs’ particular flavour of stoner metal is recommended for those with a taste for Red Fang, Cancer Bats, and Alexisonfire. 

“As Is”
[September 13, 2019]
stoner rock, punk rock, skate punk
Base:  Moncton, New Brunswick – Canada
Label / Booking / Press: 
Asher Media



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