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Never Ever Land is the 2nd single from the album Communion on Deus Marginalia Records

I began writing some of these songs even before my last album, The Work, was released and I thought they would end up sounding much like the songs from that record. I made a decision to not repeat what I had just done so I started looking for vocalists to collaborate with.

Through family, shared interests, and wonderful recommendations I met and successfully collaborated with all the great artists featured on Communion. During the production, I would receive the vocal tracks back from the artists and feel it necessary to sometimes make massive changes to the songs in order to match or highlight a particular vocal performance.

My collaborators weren’t just supplying vocal tracks – they were helping to guide the entire direction of the album. So I’d like to thank them for their time, talent, and creative input. I would also like to thank Kathi Kizirnis, whose beautiful photographs make up the album artwork. More thanks go to Donnie Bott, an old bandmate and friend, for mastering Communion. Thanks to Syd Bishop, my best bud and labelmate at Deus Marginalia. And extra special thanks to my wife and son for understanding my need to spend way too much time in our basement working on music.

Bradley Coomes
[January 21, 2022]
rock, dream pop, indie, shoegaze
Base:  Kentucky, US
Label / Booking / Press: 
Deus Marginalia Records


All music written, performed, and produced by Bradley Coomes.
All lyrics and vocals provided by featured vocalists.
Mastered by Donnie Bott.

Video footage is from the film Skate Sense. Prelinger Collection. Public domain.



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