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MAD DOGS release “No Regrets” 
out on April 17th 2022

“No Regrets is a straightforward, punchy, proto-punk song about how important music is to all of us, a never dormant passion that shapes our lives. We decided to make a tribute video to underground music and culture, which have struggled to survive throughout the pandemic lockdowns in the last two years. We dedicate it to those who never stop believing in their dreams. We involved about 70 bands and musician friends from all over the world because the sense of sharing and belonging is the power of rock’n’roll for ever and ever!”


“We Are Ready To Testify”
[October 16, 2020]
garage rock, rock’n’roll
Base:  Macerata, Italy
Label / Booking / Press: 
Go Down Records

Pre-order the LP here ↪︎ https://www.godownrecords.com/product…
Pre-order the coloured LP here ↪︎



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