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Hell Boulevard are back and they’re NOT SORRY. The Swiss based goth’n’roll quartet is ready to unveil their new studio album, unequivocally titled ‘Not Sorry’. A record that has been utterly unapologetic since its conception, this is Hell Boulevard’s new attempt to produce songs they won’t ever be sorry for.

The band has also unveiled their newest video for ‘Speak of the Devil’, directed and edited by Matteo vDiva Fabbiani and Chiara Cerami for VDPICTURES, starring Von Marengo and Freyja. Earlier, the band offered a dark taste of their album with singles ‘Not Sorry’ and ‘Death To The Future feat. Faderhead’.

Founded in 2014 by Italian vocalist Matteo VDiva Fabbiani from the ashes of Swiss rising stars Lost Area,, the band also features Von Marengo of Lost Area (guitars, vocals), Jan Hangman on drums and Raul Sanchez on bass.

Their new album follows up notable singles ‘Hangover from Hell’ (2014) and ‘Zero Fucks Given’ (2017) and two long-plays: ‘Inferno’ (2016) and ‘In Black We Trust’ (2018).

This third chapter adds another facet to their sound in a process of growth that is cohesive and progressive. Their classic blend of solid rock and roll and big refrains, along with orchestral arrangements, still represents the core of their sound, while this new album introduces previously unheard elements taken from different metal subgenres: from metal-core breakdowns to sharp industrial-inspired guitar riffs.

For this album, the band embraced a different approach, inevitably leading them to unfamiliar sound paths and experiences: ambitiously gazing at rock operas in terms of composition, aiming to achieve the clean yet meaningful style of pop singer-songwriters. They tell the tale of a distinct moment through their songs and ultimately creating tracks that could live well as separate entities on their own but still work together in effortless synergy, fitting perfectly like pieces of a puzzle.

While, at first glance, ‘Not Sorry’ seems to explore more negative territory than previous releases, upon venturing just a little deeper, one can find the hopeful, positive message behind their devilish lyrics and heavy drums.

A faster, in-your-face type of record, ‘Not Sorry’ presents band members’ unfiltered selves with no remorse, no regrets and, most importantly, no apologies.

Their unmistakable blend of goth’n’roll, tours with Darkhaus and Unzucht, and collaborations with such established acts as Lord Of The Lost, Freakangel, Erdling and Eisfabrik has created a buzz on the music scene.

“Not Sorry”
Hell Boulevard
[September 18th 2020]
Gothic Rock
Base:  Switzerland
Label / Booking / Press:
NoCut Entertainment / Shameless Promotion PR

As of September 18, the ‘Not Sorry’ LP is available digitally across online stores like Apple Music and streaming platoforms such as Spotify, as well as on CD and a FanBox, via NoCut Entertainment. Early 2021 tour dates have also been announced for Germany.

1. I Should Be Dead By Now
2. Not Sorry
3. Speak of the Devil
4. Ropes and Candies
5. Death to the Future
6. Where is your God now?
7. You Had Me at Fuck Off
8. Queen Paranoia
9. Hate Me
10. Like Romeo and Juliet
11. Lilies and Roses
12. To Hell and Beyond



15.01.2021 – Frankfurt/Main, Nachtleben
16.01.2021 Stuttgart, Club Zentral
17.01.2021 München, Backstage Club
21.01.2021 Dresden, Groovestation
22.01.2021 Berlin, Badehaus
23.01.2021 Hamburg, LOGO
05.02.2021 Köln, MTC
06.02.2021 Hameln, Sumpfblume

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