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Mars Era
out on February 19th 2021 

While the four-piece collective continues to combine both heavy and psychedelic sounds from various influences, with Oniro MARS ERA step forward to create their very own way to express music. This is MARS ERA in a new chapter; full of words, music and emotions.

The album is a warning to an internal awakening: it’s the story of an ordinary man who finds himself facing his innermost fears which, changing through music, become real and tangible dreams. Only by facing these difficulties, our character will overcome the obstacles that arise on his long and imaginary journey. An oniric travel that leads to a final awakening. Dream, imagine and choose. Close your eyes, “this is your last breath to wake up”.

Michelangelo Verdelli – guitars
Davide Ferrara – vocals
Tommaso Paolo Jr. Tassi – drum
Leonardo Storai – bass guitar

Mars Era
[February 19, 2021]
Alternative Rock, Stoner, Heavy Psych
Base:  Firenze, Italy
Label / Booking / Press:


Recored by Marco Leggio in Tuscany
Mastered by Mattia Cominotto at Greenfog Studio (Genova)

Concept Art by MARS ERA
Artwork by Plauso Nivo Battistini

… “Brighter than the Sun”


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