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is proud to announce the signing of Italian folk metal KANSEIL

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Formed in 2010, the band are a 21st century version of their land’s rich-story telling tapestry, they are bards with instruments, musical archaeologists, excavating the sounds and stories of their country’s past to create something new, beguiling and beautiful. The band in realized the self-produced demo “Tzimbar Bint” in 2013, than it started playing on many stages at local events all over Italy and Europe sharing the stage with a lot of other underground and international metal bands. In 2014 the band join the roster of Nemeton Records. In May 2015 Kanseil released their first full-length “DoinEarde” with Nemeton Records! In 2014 and in 2016 Kanseil played more than 60 live shows sharing the stage with a lot of national and international bands (Korpiklaani, At The Gates, Folkstone, Enslaved, Omnia, Arkona, Manegarm and more). In 2017 the band start composing the second full-lengthand in January 2018 start recording in New Sin Studio, Loria (TV) the new album “Fulìsche”.

The band comments:
“’Fulische’ are the sparks of a fire moving away from the element they were born from, they shine in their own glow and you can watch them for a few instants before they disappear forever in the dark…In the same way mankind’s stories live in the collective memory until they take flight and you have a limited time to look at them and catch their beauty before they’re lost.”

Kanseil are:
Andrea Facchin (Lead Vocals)
Federico Grillo (Guitars)
Davide Mazzucco (Guitars, Bouzouki)
Dimitri De Poli (Bass)
Luca Rover (Drums)
Luca Zanchettin (Bagpipes, Kantele)
Stefano (Herian) Da Re (Whistles,Rauschpfeife)



[May 25, 2018]

Folk Metal

Fregona (TV) -Italy

Label / Booking:







Music: Kanseil
Artwork: Manuel Scapinello
Production: Luigi Stefanini, New Sin Studio

KANSEIL will be releasing their second full length “Fulìsche” in 2018 on May 25th for Europe and June 8th for North America.






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