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I Like Allie
“Rare Instances of Independent Thinking”
out on October 8th 2021 

I Like Allie has teamed up with Paper+Plastick (US), Engineer Records (UK), No Reason Records (Europe), and General Soreness Records (Europe) to release it first full-length, “Rare Instances of Independent Thinking” on October 8, 2021 on vinyl and all digital platforms.

I Like Allie started out initially as Renato’s acoustic project becoming in 2014, with the arrival of Gio (drums), Fra (bass) and Luca (lead guitar), a full band. Since then, the band released the EP, “The Wounds You Leave”, with Paper+Plastick as well as a self-titled collection of all their released output on cassette via UK label Real Ghost Records. I Like Allie has played many shows, including a US East Coast tour down to The Fest, Hamburg’s Booze Cruise Festival and Bergamo’s Punk Rock Raduno.

The band’s sound is melodic punk rock, some might also say emo, but with a very personal style deriving from the band’s different musical tastes and the stories found in Renato’s lyrics that on this new release address issues such as peer pressure, social anxiety, and learning to let go of useless negativity. Musically, the record explores new avenues by trying to be more original and innovative while keeping the songwriting and the sound still spontaneous and honest.

For Rare Instances of Independent Thinking, the band entered Mobsound Recording Studios in Milan at the end of 2019 with long-time engineer and friend Alessandro Caneva (Fine Before You Came, Fratelli Calafuria) but recording proceeded over the course of 2020 with a few interruptions due to the Covid-19 Global Pandemic. The record was completed with mixing by Jeff Dean (Samiam, Braid) and mastering by Dan Coutant (The World Is a Beautiful Place, War on Women) and features guest vocals of singer-songwriter Laura Stevenson. 

“Rare Instances of Independent Thinking”
I Like Allie
[October 8, 2021]
punk, acoustic, emo, indie rock
Milano, Italy

Label / Booking / Press:

Paper + Plastick / Engineer Records / NoReason Records / General Soreness

… “Rare Instances of Independent Thinking (feat. Laura Stevenson)”



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