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Red Moon Heroes
“I Will Die” Live at Circolo AN Ponte

Singolo estratto dal loro nuovo LP “Strike Again” uscito il 6 Settembre 2023
e presto in streaming sulle piattaforme digitali. 

Distribuito da:
Valley Distro / Life of Strife ProductionsRusty Knife Records
 Last one to die crew / Tumulto / Rumagna Sgroza Records


I will die tomorrow but let me have a party tonight,
tonight, tonight, tonight.
I will die tomorrow but let me have a party tonight!!

Runnin’ the streets on a Friday night with a brain depression, I feel so tight.
Wanna go home, wanna close inside, inside my darkness this endless tide.
But the traffic light gives me the sign, red as hell, round and shine.
Maybe boy tomorrow you’ll die,
but tonight you won’t spare a dime!


Time is over to hide and cry, all you need is cold and dry.
It goes down, and just for a little while,
it makes some light in your endless night.
Than start again till the fire is high, burn burn burn this night just right.
Maybe girl tomorrow you die, but tonight we’ll gonna dance all time!




"Strike Again"

Red Moon Heroes
[Sptember 6th 2023] 

ska / punk 

Base:  Milano, Italy


Footage estratto dal “Live NO War” del 09-09-2023
al Circolo AN Ponte Circolo Anarchico “Ponte della Ghisolfa” di Milano –
Riprese video e montaggio di: CP – Video & Photo Editing
Foto by @cp_prs



BOOKING: redmoonheroes@gmail.com

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