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ALPHA BOYS Proclaim Themselves The ‘Saviours Of Rock ‘N’ Roll’

Saviours Of Rock ‘N’ Roll is the anticipated debut album from the Swedish band Alpha Boys. The album contains ten deathpunk/rock n roll hits with deep lyrics about loneliness, hate and alcohol. With music inspired by bands like Motörhead, Turbonegro and a hint of Meatloaf, they have created the perfect mix of rock n roll and punk. A new party anthem for the world.

Track by track (by the band):
The album opens up with To War, a song about conquering the earth through alcohol, there is way to many sober people out there! The second song is called No Girls Allowed and is about that good old time when you didn´t worried about girls. A Fucking King centers on those annoying guys who think they own the world. They drive big, fast cars and brag about their jobs, but deep down we all know they have really small dicks! It´s all about compensations. The forth song, Han(d) Solo, is an anthem for all those who are into Star Wars and masturbating. Then the album takes a turn to the dark with Current Report. It´s about a lonely man who is desperately searching for pure love. The tempo rises with the killer song Georgina W. Butch …poor Terry just wants to be intimate with is wife. The next song was inspired by one of the most beautiful people on the planet, JC (no not Jesus Christ). Everyday is a pain in the ass, the best way to survive is to drink beer, so why not drink on Sundays as well? Drunk on a Sunday is about (you guessed it) drinking on Sundays. Do you hate your boss? Why don’t give him the middle finger and go home and drink booze. That’s the story behind Too Smart To Be Sober. And last but not least we have Alpha Boys, a song about the greatest band ever. Enjoy!

Alpha Boys are:
AlphaFill – Vocals | Dave Destruction – Guitar | Jonny Appendix – Guitar | Üntforzer – Bass

“Saviours Of Rock ‘N’ Roll”
[January 21st 2021]
Deathpunk | Rock n Roll
Base:  Sweden
Label / Booking / Press:
Sliptrick records / Grand Sounds PR

… “Han(d) Solo”



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