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2020 might have been the toughest year ever, nevertheless here at Seahorse Recordings we’re proud to have, in spite of everything, released more than a bunch of great albums, for new, upcoming and more established artists. Music has been the life belt for all of us through pandemic, so to finally celebrate the end of 2020, we asked all of them to contribute with a previously unreleased song to this compilation. Some choose to cover songs they love, some preferred live recordings, others decided to record totally new tracks. This is our “thank you” to everyone who supported the artists and the label, and an invitation to discover more if you like what you hear.


Blessed Child Opera / Secret Sight / ELLE trio / Richard’s Orchestra / Kokura / Il Mulo / Gianluca Pacini / L’enciclopedia dei limiti /
Baobab Romeo / Bilbosa / Outwave / Madness At Home / GRAVE-T / Sebastian Straw / All The Seasons Of The Day



[December 21st]
Seahorse Rec.
Base: Marsala, Italy
alternative, darkwave, indie folk, indie rock, postrock, shoegaze


Press Office:
A Giant Leap – Monica Melissano
graphic & foto by Monica Melissano – A Giant Leap
Booking: O’live – produzioni concerti,booking,management,press

Secret Sight – “Inner Borders” 

Outwave – “The Road That I Will Cross” 

Tommaso Varisco – “In my heart” 

Grave T – “Two good sisters” 

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