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AVALANCHE Proudly Pronounce Themselves A ‘Second Hand Band’

Avalanche are 4 misfits from Sydney’s west, playing gut-busting, roof-crashing, piss-off rock n’ roll for a new generation. Forming and rehearsing in an old steel factory in 2018, the band have firmly cemented themselves into the sticky floors of the national underground scene in just over 2 short years, with major national & international airplay, 5 major releases, non-stop gigging and touring, and their own music festival.

Now, the band are proud to present their second EP release, Second Hand Band, a loud and lewd 6 track EP featuring the stand-out singles from 2020, Permanent Ink, and Get Back (To Fuckwit City), and acts as a follow up to their 2019 debut-double EP, Sent From Hell, which has seen over 1300 physical copies sold worldwide.

Second Hand Band is the band’s ultimate statement. Perfectly capturing the experiences of a young rock band; thoroughly used, gently bruised and in somewhat working order, like a second hand sex toy you might find on Gumtree; all for your pleasure. This is hard rock. Real honest to God hard rock, as only 20-somethings from Sydney’s West (famous for producing tradies, drongo’s and long-arse Centrelink queues) can do.

In this way, Second Hand Band is the band. Tinged by the influence of their dad’s record collection and the dirty pub rock of Australia’s past, but played through the interpretation of their own generation. Avalanche have moulded and captured their signature sound & live show, one which routinely leaves the audience covered in blood, sweat and spit – and packaged it within 27 minutes of raw, ribbed, extra lubricated goodness, with new single (and title track) Second Hand Band, several music videos and a national release tour also in the works.

Recorded at DEF WOLF Studios with Producer & Engineer Mark Matula, the band worked hard to produce a warm, old-school feel, practically recording live in the studio, with a no fills, no frills, guitar-in-amp, stripped-back approach. This is no messin’ about, no ballads, no acoustic guitars, no smoke & mirrors, stripped to the bone rock n’ roll. Raging guitars, pounding bass, air-tight drums and vocals packed full of power, with the kind of passion and dedication that only these 4 can produce.

“Second Hand Band”
[May 11th 2021]
Hard Rock, Rock N’ Roll

Base:  Australia
Label / Booking / Press: 
Sliptrick records / Grand Sounds PR

Avalanche are: 

Steven Campbell – Vocals/Bass 
Veronica ‘V’ Taleski – Lead Guitar 
Arthur Divis – Rhythm Guitar 
Ryan Roma – Drums

… “Second Hand Band”


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