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Shores Of Null Begin Another Gloomy Chapter With “Nothing Left To Burn”

New Album “The Loss Of Beauty” Out March 2023

Rome’s Shores of Null has a fourth album coming out next year, to expand their discography of melancholic doom. “The Loss Of Beauty” goes back to the usual full-length structure with different tracks, after the immersive experience of 2020’s “Beyond The Shores (On Death And Dying)”, which consisted of a single 38-minute track. Each of the upcoming singles released in anticipation of the release are accompanied by a series of videos by Sanda Movies. The first single is “Nothing Left To Burn”, which the band comments on:

“This song was originally written in 2018 and recorded in 2019, with the intent of releasing it the next year, but then we changed our minds and released “Beyond The Shores” instead. So this song was kept secret until today, almost frozen in time, and it’s so cathartic to be finally sharing it with you, both song and video, which is by far the most complex visual piece we’ve ever done, and for this, we must thank Martina and the Sanda Movies crew for the amazing work. It is a song about the burden of life, its endless struggles, and suffering, with the awareness that our existence is only transitory”.

Those who have been following Shores Of Null from the very beginning know that their influences touch many genres, and those who loved “Quiescence” and “Black Drapes For Tomorrow” won’t be disappointed. The band considers “The Loss Of Beauty” to be the natural evolution of those records, while “Beyond The Shores (On Death And Dying)” represents a slight detour from the main road. Those who have known them from “Beyond The Shores” might find this new offering a bit different, faster in tempo, but still very gloomy and melancholic.

“The Loss Of Beauty” is melancholic dark metal with a wide range of influences, from gothic metal to doom metal and melodic black/death metal, with frequent use of vocal harmonies and deep growls. It is recommended for fans of Paradise Lost, Amorphis, and Enslaved.

“The Loss Of Beauty”
Shores Of Null
[March 24th 2023]
blackened, gothic doom
Base:  Roma, Italy

Label / Booking / Press:

Spikerot Records / Asher Media


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