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Make It Simple release Silence
out on November 26th 2021 

Make It Simple is a Metalcore / Nu Metal group born in 2018 in Milanp, Italy.
The group was founded by Luca Di Gennaro (Singer), Federico Prinzivalli (Drummer) and Lorenzo Prinzivalli (Guitarist and Bassist), initially with a different name and genre, only later, with the entry of the multi-instrumentalist and singer Simone Miola, the project Make It Simple, came to life. The name of the band which in Italian can be translated into “Farla simple” is a reminder to live life more lightly thanks to music, trying to give emotional support to those who live in situations of discomfort, which is why often in their songs they treat topics such as fear, depression, abuse, love and death. Their sources of inspiration range from Linkin Park, Papa Roach to Falling In Reverse and Sum 41. The band made their debut in April 2021 with the song “Underrated”, extracted from their first experimental Ep “S!lence” (released in November 2021).
The Ep “S!lence” tells about the inner struggle against our own demons, in songs like “Underrated”, “Take Me To The Dark”, “Defeated” and “Lily” under different levels they talk about the desire of revenge against life and traumas suffered by ourselves and our loved ones.
As a result of such sufferings we are often the first not to believe in ourselves, for this reason the “silence” scream present in the title track represents the desire to shut all the inner voices that make us doubt of ourselves. 

Make It Simple
[November 26, 2021]
Metalcore/Nu Metal
Milano, Italy

… “Underrated”




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