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The punk rockers are proud to reveal their EP,
“Skin and Bones”

After the release of their single “A Moment to Be Seen” in April 2021, Salzburg, Austria-based punk rockers Friday’s Spirit are proud to reveal their EP “Skin and Bones”, out since July 5th 2021 on major streaming platforms.

The band comments: The inspiration for the album came during the Covid pandemic in early 2020. Many bands, and that we’re sure of, were struggling with the same problems as we did. “Where are things going?”, “What should we do in these insecure times?”, “Can we plan or organize anything meaningful in the near future?”… We were dealing with many of those questions and to be honest, we really couldn’t find a satisfying answer. Moreover, we didn’t want to be pushed into an unprogressive corner and we felt that something needed to happen.
That’s when we started to write songs for the album. And despite the fact that sociality was dismissed for an unforeseeable time, we created something meaningful. “Skin And Bones” digs deep, deep enough to remind us of where we came from. Listeners can expect a solid, cheerful, heavy, and nostalgic punk-rock album with splinters of alternative rock and metalcore. Let the good times roll, once and for all!

In addition to this EP, the band is currently in the middle of playing live shows again. It all centers around our local scene though, but performing in front of an audience has never felt more satisfying. Check our social media for any live-related information and follow us down the road, says the band.

“Skin and Bones”
[July 5, 2021]
punk rock, easy core
Base:  Hallein / Salzburg – Austria
Label / Booking / Press:


… “A Moment To Be Seen”



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