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Skins/Transpirat is the 2nd single of our upcoming release SKINS – OUT March 24th

“Skins” is an album that is made out of short stories of someone trying to find its essence while leaving itself to sink in the crevasses and shadows of its own core. What comes out is a board of intense feelings and a search for freedom out of the infinite skins we wear in our everyday lives. The Different Class has always written with startling candor on emotions and identity – topics which are now taken to greater heights on their new album.

Frontman Cris Paul comments on “Skins”:
The band was caught halfway into this album by the pandemic, and living indoors we got an insightful look inside The Different Class and we finally had the time to sit down and search more within. We picked 13 out of 30 songs for this album, songs that we made in the pre-pandemic period, intending to find our sound in this group together.

The Different Class deals with an extreme range of emotions on “Skins”, as a result of being in constant conflict with oneself. Moreover, it’s about living in two worlds of dream and reality at the same time, while mixing love and lust, unraveling the spirit, and being corrupted by passion and desire. Going further, the album serves as an emotional catharsis for the band, capturing the feeling of being trapped and restrained by the good and bad, facing themselves in the mirror not knowing if they are telling themselves the full truth or just another lie.

While doing “Skins”, The Different Class deconstructed all of these concepts and established a sound between the songwriters who collaborated for the first time together in this formula on a full-length album: Cris Paul, Seian Scorobete, and Michael Vuscan. They take the compositional structures and develop them into a more mature and contrasting form, all while hypnotizing us into a visual vortex. Their first single “Ping Pong” is walking you through the streets of Eindhoven into an exotic-steampunk-inspired catwalk.

As if that wasn’t enough, The Different Class continues to satiate their fans by gathering the most talented people around the globe to offer them an unforgettable experience. “Skins” was mixed in Toronto by Rob Anders, one of the most active and acclaimed mixing engineers in the Canadian film industry.

[March 24, 2022]
rock, groove rock, modern rock
Base:  Timișoara, Romania
Label / Booking / Press: 

SKINS – Album Credits

Music & Lyrics: 
Cris Paul, Seian Scorobete, Michael Vuscan

Performed by: 
Cris Paul – Vocals & Guitars 
Seian Scorobete – Bass
Flavius Retea – Drums
Michael Vuscan – Electronics

Producer: Michael Vuscan 
Recorded by: Consonance Studio 
Mixed by: Rob Anders 
Mastered by: Tim Boyce 
Artwork photography: Bianca Paul 
Artwork design: Alexandra, Flavius Retea

Band members:

Cris Paul – Vocals & Guitars 
Seian Scorobete – Bass
Julia Kocis – Drums
Michael Vuscan – Electronics




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