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Saudia Arabian Alternative Progressive Rock/Metal Ana.n7n New Single
“Sonnaa Al Dayaa”

Debut Album Coming 2021 via Wall of Sound Records

audi Arabia’s Aana.n7n is a melodic progressive rock/metal quintet that is passionate about three things: writing stories, making music, and creating visual art.

They are only one of a few bands from their country doing heavy music in Arabic vocals.

“There isn’t a lot of music in our genre that converses with the listener using vernacular language and we truly wanted to showcase this in our stories, music, and visuals.” adds the band.

Today, the band presents their fourth single “Sonnaa Al Dayaa” (translated to English ‘Those Who Corrupt’), to follow their three previously released tracks “Youm Bedon Shams”, “Al-Awwal” and “Esh Sawet”.

All will be featured on the band’s yet to be titled debut album to be released later this year from Saudi Arabian based label Wall of Sound Records.

“We genuinely think it’ll be received positively by most local listeners and worldwide, be it they’re into the type of music we make or not. This album is unique in the way it is presented and we feel like it could set a standard for other acts to follow.”

“Sonnaa Al Dayaa”
(feat. 7MND) صناع الضياع
[June 11, 2021]
Alternative Metal, Progressive Rock
Base:  Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Label / Booking / Press: 
Wall of Sound Records / Asher Media

Listen to “Sonnaa Al Dayaa” at the following links:

YouTube – https://youtu.be/S7VnRl256Ro
Spotify – https://spoti.fi/3gqREii
Bandcamp – https://anan7n.bandcamp.com/track/feat-7mnd 



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