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Having exploded onto the scene with their debut single ‘Repress’ in October 2020, SPOILER are set to soar to new heights with their crushing new single ‘BRIGHTER’ – a chaotic slab of modern metal-core packed full of deathcore and nu-metal influence. There are also deeper elements at work with the lighter and more melodic side of the bands sound shining through. SPOILER have gained recognition for the potent new sound that they have created and are looking to capitalise on the momentum made from the first release. The band have amassed nearly 40k views on the accompanying debut music video for Repress and the buzz across social media is at a maximum for an eagerly anticipated second single. There is no stopping the band now and BRIGHTER firmly stamps SPOILER as the band to watch in 2021.

[February 5th 2021]
Metalcore, Deathcore, Nu-Metal
Base:  Essex, UK
Label / Booking / Press: 
SPLR Management

Following on from the themes of self doubt and the battles of the mind in Repress, BRIGHTER explores the strength a loved one can give to keep going. “It’s a very personal song to me” explains frontman Aaron Ketley. “But everyone can relate to having that partner or friend in life who has helped them through the darkest times” On the overall sound and direction of the second release, Aaron explains why fans maybe in for a surprise: “I’m sure having released Repress people will expect more of the same heavy sound with our follow up single, but that’s not SPOILER. With Brighter we have kept those heavy elements but have our very first melodic sung section. We’re an unpredictable band and that’s what I love about it- I feel we have made something special with Brighter.”



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