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Spread Joy
“Spread Joy”
out on April 2nd 2021 

Crisp, clean post-punk fills this debut album from new Chicago band Spread Joy. The tracks are short and to-the-point. Vocalist Briana Hernandez is the focus, delivering her lines in mostly yelped bursts, though sometimes melting into a ‘60s chanteuse-like velvety timbre, as on the slower “We’re Not the Ones.” That track recalls early, poppy post-punk a la Dolly Mixture, while more angular songs, such as “Unoriginal,” draw clear comparisons to Kleenex. The overall sound here reminds me of another Chicago group: the glammier CB Radio Gorgeous. Yet Spread Joy is more controlled than that, more refined. I was drawn to the more subdued tracks here, such as the catchy “Violence,” or “Sepia,” which sports spoken word and an almost Spaghetti Western-sounding rhythm section.

“Spread Joy EP”
Spread Joy
[April 2, 2021]
punk, hardcore
Base:  Chicago, Illinois – US
Label / Booking / Press:
Feel It Records


All songs written and performed by Spread Joy.
Recorded at Jamdek Recording Co.
Produced by Raidy Hodges & Doug Malone.
Engineered/mixed by Doug Malone.
Mastered by Caufield Schnug.
Artwork by Briana Hernandez.

Chicago, IL Summer 2020.

… “St. Tropez/Semantics”



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