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release “Living Has Consequences”
out on January 13th 2023

”  We started working on these songs right before the pandemic happened, it was so hard get the 3 of us all together in the same room for almost 2 years and we spent so much in studio recording it, re recording and re write parts, but in the end we are so happy how “LIVING HAS CONSEQUENCES” took shape and form! It’s now out there in the world and what was ours now it’s yours!
We would love to thank the incredible Marco Paradisi for the effort of helping us making this record at his Boat Studio Recording and we would also thank our great friend Marco Divertimenti for giving an artistic identity to it!
Last, but not least we want to thank every person who supported us since we started this band
Listen wherever you listen music and hope you enjoy it!!  “

"Living Has Consequences"  

[January 13, 2023]
melodic hardcore, punk, punk hardcore
Bologna, Italy


1.To Realize
2.To Be Short
3.To Repeat
4.To Live
5.To Cover (Grau Grau Grau)
6.To Forget
7.To Remember

… “To Repeat”



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