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Bipolar Mockers Release Video for “Straight Down to Hell”
With a totally audiovisual project, the band brings a mix of industrial metal and EBM

The brazilian band Bipolar Mockers returns to the alternative scene with a new formation and releases the music video for the track “Straight Down to Hell”, which is now available on youtube. For streaming, the track will be released along with the new album, but you can check out the previous release, “Clown”, on  Spotify.

With new ideas and a unique identity, Bipolar Mockers is getting ready to present the new album, which is expected to be released this year. The disc has ten tracks that show the versatility of the group, which combined their influences creating a heavy and aggressive style with a dark mix, different vocals and a totally renewed instrumentation.

Bipolar Mockers was created in 2012 by Beto Noffs, when he was looking for a partnership. It was then that he met Debora Camiotto and they produced a more rock’n’roll version of the classic “Headhunter” by Front 242. The connection was immediate and with Debora on vocals, guitar by Fabiano Penna (In memoriam) and direction by Sergio Glasberg , produced the song and video “Master Mocker”. The band was invited to open for the Belgians A Split Second in 2012 and their performance was a blast acclaimed by the media and the public.

They also participated with a live performance at the launch party for the film ‘Evil Dead’ in São Paulo. Another big success was the performance at the Familie Treffen festival in Germany in 2019 where Noffs took T.D.M. to participate in the vocals.

After a seven year hiatus, Bipolar Mockers returns to record a new album with renowned guitarist and producer Tiago Hospede, ex Dead Fish and responsible for hundreds of underground and mainstream albums. VJ Spetto, legendary VJ responsible for the projections at the 2016 Olympics in Brazil and for the projections of the closing show of the Brazil Pavilion at Expo Dubai 2020. And they also have the insane and performing guitars of Edu Kid.

With an unusual project focused on audiovisual, Bipolar Mockers performs live with the virtual participation of the member created exclusively for the project, named Joe Fire.

Bipolar Mockers prepares to show the world their music that represents the ambiguous and insane sound, hanging between the heavy and aggressive, and the melodic and dancey influences of the 80s in synthesized music. For the live performances, the band prepared a performance and futuristic model, which will please the most nostalgic fans of EBM and Industrial and win over new fans.

“Straight Down to Hell”
[May 4, 2022]
industrial metal, EBM, elektro punk
Base:  Brazil
Label / Booking / Press: 
Reverbera Music Media


Joe Fire (vocal)
Beto Noffs (producción)
Tiago Hospede (guitarra y voz)
Edu Kid (guitarra)
VJ Spetto (sintetizadores y efectos visuales)

Production: Beto Noffs e Tiago Hospede 
Recording: Tiago Hospede
Mixing and mastering: Tiago Hospede
Photo: João Paulo Mantovani



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