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“Stray Alone”
out on January 22nd 2021

Tezura stands for fast, heavy riffs, driving rhythms and melodies that will stick in your head. 

The four young musicians from Munich, Germany present the genre of metal in a new, modern form – creative and fresh, all without missing directness or toughness. 

Formed in winter 2018, Tezura make their first appearance in 2019 with their demo “Voices”. The press praises an already high degree of maturity of the songs despite the still young age of the band. In January 2021,
‘Stray Alone’ and ‘Unto this Last’ follow – two songs which clearly highlight the development of the band: Complex arrangements, an assertive production and mature lyrics characterize this single release. 

The song ‘Stray Alone’ paints a gloomy picture of a society drifting further and further apart, while ‘Unto this Last’ deals with rebellion, justice and departure.

“Stray Alone”
[January 22nd 2021]
Heavy metal, metalcore
Munich, Germany

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