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Mexico/German duo Camila Fuch’s first single “Sun” off their upcoming album ‘Kids Talk Sun

A visualizer (single cover art) was created by Nika Milano and Manuela De Laborde for the single.

“Kids Talk Sun”
Camila Fuchs
[November 13, 2020]
electronic, experimental, avant-garde, avant-pop
Base:  Lisbon, Portugal
Label / Booking / Press: 
Felte Records

The album was mixed and produced by the legendary Pete Kember (Sonic Boom/Spacemen 3/Spectrum/etc) who has mixed albums for Panda Bear, MGMT, Beach House & more. Lucinda Chua contributed all cello parts for “Sun” as well.

The band explains, “This single was recorded over the last 3 years and the song is what defined the direction for the album. The first idea for sun came during a visit to Brazil. We spent some months teaching electronics to young kids and showed them how to build contact microphones and how, eventually, they could record and alter those sounds. The experience was complex in so many ways. It was hard reaching out to the kids. The violent social environment that surrounded them meant they had unknowingly built behavioural shields to protect themselves. “Sun” is a call for heat, warmth and life. A positive energy shielding, protecting and loving.”



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