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New single / video
Jim Stasinos

“Sunset Drive”

Greek guitarist Dimitris (Jim) Stasinos presents you the first single “Sunset Drive” that is included to his debut solo album “A World To See”, released on 5th of September 2021. Watch the video through the link below. 

A World To See” is a nice crossover of guitar – based synthwave / retrowave with rock and metal elements, combining the artist’s love about these both sides of soundscapes.

Recordings, mixing and mastering made by the guitarist himself as also he created the album’s artwork.

All the instruments plus drum programming, are performed by Jim Stasinos.

“Sunset Drive”
[October 5, 2021]
electronic, synthwave
Base:  Chalcis, Greece
Label / Booking / Press: 
Artizans Of The New Age

Jim Stasinos origin place is Halkida (Greece) and he is involved with music since 15 years ago. Late arrangements have to do with experimental music mixing and tryings over track mastering.

He has been part of many bands (for example Underworld Dreams, Clairvoyant, Divurge) and at the moment he is member of heavy metallers Clairvoyant and Divurge as lead / rhythm guitarist.


2011: Underworld Dreams “Solidarity” EP

2012: Underworld Dreams “Chaos – Eternity ” LP

2015: Clairvoyant “The Last Marks Of Prophecy ” LP

2017: Divurge “Point Of No Return” LP

Also he is going to participate on thw forthcoming album “Through The Mist And The Madness ” of Nick “Yngve” Samios that will be soon released.



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