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out on October 27th 2021 

Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Trillion are a 5 piece noisepop band who share a love of sonic mayhem, a desire to craft indie soundscapes with pop sensibilities, and an unhealthy obsession with guitar pedals – it’s not by chance that the  band describes themselves as “shoegaze merchants from the land of Oz”. 
Their crashing wall-of-sound, as heard on their first two Eps, already earned them a loyal local and online following and shows in the best Australian venues. 
Their new single ‘Sure’ is the first taste of what’s to come from the band’s forthcoming ‘Atomic Sunshine’ album. 
Trillion’s deep love of all things fuzz comes to the fore on this new track, showcasing the band’s strong songcrafting 
skills and artful ability to use the space between the harmonics to propel the listener forward. 
Sure represents the dreams we weave, and the stories we tell ourselves when the light of day breaks and finds us alone 
with just the lingering fragments of sights and sounds left in our mind’s eye. 
Recorded in isolation, with each band member contributing their parts separately, Sure, and the single’s companion  track ‘Here’s to tomorrow’ represent the ability of artists to overcome the barriers of physical separation and create as  an integral part of life. 
Driving basslines and blistering drums, layering these with hazy vocals and multi-textured fuzz come together to grab and hold the listener’s attention, across the blurred line between reality and hypnagogic visions.

[October 27, 2021]
shoegaze, dream pop, indie rock, psych
Base:  Sydney, Australia
Label / Booking / Press: 
WEATNU / Kool Things



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