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Kháos on Gaïa
“The Cage”
out on May 17th 2021 

First single “Faun” available May 1st In partnership with: Mes enceintes font défaut.

Kháos on Gaïa is a duo formed in 2019, a chimerical entity with Trip-Hop colors and Dark Folk sounds, which invite us to dive into the heart of our shadows. It’s a story of a synergistic confluence between Torhia, her bewitching voice carried by her shamanic drum, and Jbaâl with his raw energy and magnetic machines. With this first album named The Cage take shape 8 intimate landscapes. Like an echo, this crackling disc resonates throughout us with nostalgia all the authenticity of the 90s, haunted by the nebulous essence of the uncertain future which await us. Are you interested to discuss about this project? We remain available for any exchange regarding this subject.

“The Cage”
Kháos on Gaïa
[May 17th 2021]
neo-folk, new age, new wave, trip-hop
Base:  Corsica, France
Label / Booking / Press: 
Atypeek / HAU RUCK!



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