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“The Coven”
out on March 27th 2020 

TORCHIA means the True Heavy Metal of Death! It is grim fantasy and blazing metal arising from the inner darkness of composer and lyricist Ville Riitamaa. The band was named after a fictive occult author Aristide TORCHIA, introduced in the novel ‘The Club Dumas’ by Arturo Pérez-Reverte and its film adaptation ‘The Ninth Gate’. TORCHIA takes inspiration from a multitude of metal subgenres and their mission is to revitalize the genre of melodic death metal by bringing in a sense of danger and unpredictability.

TORCHIA strives for the timeless sound of classic metal records by straying away from the prevailing trends and soulless productions styles of contemporary metal, but neither they are about nostalgia or redundant old-school worship. TORCHIA is a testament to all those who love metal music in its purest forms! “The Coven” is all about guitar riffs and solos, relentless drumming and ripping vocals.

The album was once again produced by one of Finland’s top producers, Hiili Hiilesmaa, who has worked on classic records from HIMAmorphisEnsiferum and many others.

“Memoirs”, new single off the upcoming sophomore album ‘The Coven’, coming out March 27 via ROCKSHOTS RECORDS. 

Edward Tochia comments about the song: “’Memoirs’ presents TORCHIA at our very core. I think the signature melody of this song is one of the most memorable Ville [Riitamaa, guitar] has ever written, and I love the fact that he paired it with an onslaught of death/thrash riffs. In a way, I feel ’Memoirs’ is a hybrid between ’Fury’ and ’Face of Hate’, two of the most popular songs from TORCHIA’s debut album. Lyricly it’s a story of black magic, betrayal, and of course, death.”

Edward Torchia – Lead and backing vocals
Ville Riitamaa – Rhythm and Lead Guitars, Backing Vocals
Henri Heikkinen – Rhythm Guitars
Pirkka Birkstedt – Bass  
Ville Virtanen – Drums   

“The Coven”
[March 27, 2020]
melodic death metal

Base:  Tampere, Finland
Label / Booking / Press:

1. Sky
2. Gallows
3. Moon, Rise!
4. Lord of Dreams (Cult March)
5. Plague Peasant
6. Jäämaa
7. Memoirs
8. Astral Planes
9. Forever Blood 
… ” Moon, Rise!”




Feb 28 – Yo-talo, Tampere, FI (w/ Omnium Gatherum, Mors Principium Est, Voidfallen)
April 10 – Haukka Music Bar, Kotka, FI (w/ Vorna)
April 25 – Kuudes Linja, Helsinki, FI (w/ Vorna)
May 8 – Bar 15, Seinäjoki, FI
May 9 – 45 Special, Oulu, FI (w/ Mors Principium Est, Mors Subita, Voidfallen)
June 6 – Sala Rock City, Valencia, ES (w/ Lujuria, Suru)

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