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PROJECT RENEGADE – “The Fix Is In” from upcoming album “Ultra Terra”

The Fix Is In” is the first taste from Project Renegade’s upcoming album titled “Ultra Terra”. The song aims to shed light to the politics and the deals that are going on behind the scenes that prevent people from realizing their dreams and deprives them from a chance to complete their efforts for a better life. The song retains Project Renegade’s groovy style and in your face aesthetic while adding new sonic layers to push things in a new level and direction. The band strives to motivate everyone to break away from that mold of apathy with a relentless attack that says it how it is and hopes that we all fight together as citizens of this world to regain the right for a normal and logical trajectory in our lives. 

“The Fix Is In”
[December 17, 2021]
nu-metal, groove metal, alternative metal
Base:  Athens, Greece
Label / Booking / Press: 
AngelsPRmusicPromotion / Distrokid

From the upcoming album “Ultra Terra” 

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