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“The Heart of a Nation (Nadia)”

Seventh Station is a progressive metal band based in Slovenia, who are excited to announce their second album “Heal the Unhealed”. The record is an international effort – rehearsed and recorded through five different studios on three continents ranging from the United States, Slovenia, and Turkey. A new level of musicality and artistic expression blends magnificent sweeps, heavy riffs, and intricate melodies together, creating an eclectic proggy frame for personal topics. The second single is “The Heart of a Nation (Nadia)”.

In the album, guitarist Dmitri Alperovich wanted to bring his personal point of view on his roots as a Soviet Union child. Spending his childhood in the Soviet Union, then his youth in Israel, and finally having moved to Slovenia, he went through a lot of different circumstances and the processes of adaptation for each – also resulting in anxiety and panic attacks after all these significant paradigm shifts. “Heal The Unhealed” is a personal reflection on these experiences and the psychological states they brought, voiced through different characters, including the primary actors of the conditions in the Soviet Union. He continues to explain:

“While the album started to take shape as the lyrical content and the general concepts were formed, this song became the first part of the Soviet Union / Stalin trilogy, which later became the main topic of the album. The song describes the poisonous relationship between the former Soviet Union leader, Joseph Stalin, and his second wife Nadezhda Sergeyevna Alliluyeva (Nadia). The official video was shot in Jerusalem, featuring contemporary dance choreography, put together by choreographer Maya Popova and the co-creator Anatoly Shenfeld.”

Having studied classical music and being an avid fan of many other music genres, Alperovich’s idea of Seventh Station emerged from applying the knowledge and techniques from classical music in to progressive metal, creating a platform for him to express his ideas. The result is daring, colourful, and artistic. Seventh Station is recommended for fans of Dream Theater, Symphony X, and Opeth.

“Heal the Unhealed”
[November 7, 2022]
progressive metal
Base:  Slovenia

Label / Booking / Press:

Asher Media 

Track Listing:
1. Unspoken Thoughts (07:37)
2. Seven Digits (07:36)
3. The Heart of a Nation (Nadia) (12:27)
4. The Ruthless Koba (05:19)
5. All Hail the Moustache (12:04)
6. A Final Bow (13:41)
Album Length: 58:47

Album Recording and Live Band Line Up:
– Dmitri Alperovich – Guitar
– Eren Basbug – Keyboards
– Davidavi Dolev – Vocals
– Jure Lopatic – Bass
– Grega Plamberger – Drums and Percussion



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