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Ananda Mida
“The Pilot”
out on March 10th 2022

”  SAYS THE BAND: It’s a song we always enjoy playing! The opening theme comes from the sounds of hospital machinery, then we added our own groove and there you go! We are very happy with the result because this performance reflects a clean edge that is not always part of our live experience.  “

Shot by Lorenzo Barutta. Edited by Davide Bressan. Live sound recording by Daniel Grego and Sebastian Soso at Mirano Summer Festival 2019. Mixed and Mastered by Daniel Grego at Mal De Testa Recording Studio in 2021. 

Ananda Mida
[June 25, 2021]
psychedelic rock, stoner
Base:  Italy
Label / Booking / Press:
Go Down Records / Vincebus Eruptum Recordings


Conny Ochs | vocals Davide Bressan | bass Max Ear | drums Alessandro Tedesco | guitar Matteo Pablo Scolaro | guitar


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