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Italy based shoegaze/post-punk band SHESGOT release their debut album
‘The Seeker’ on Urgence Disk Records on March 31, 2021.

The album was recorded at Heritage Sound Design, Italy
with Yvan Battaglia as sound engineer.

Federico Palmieri (STORMI), Matteo Palmieri (SCOGLI DI ZINCO),
Cristina Talanca (DIANIME) and Michele Caserta (DRAMA EMPEROR, TWIN TOWERS),
mixing their prior experiences both on stage and behind the scenes, created
what has been defined as “an intimate walk through a path of light,
guided by light itself”.

“The Seeker”
[March 31, 2021]
Base:  Macerata, Italy
Label / Booking / Press: Urgence Disk Records


1. Day One
2. Eraserhead
3. To The River
4. A Glimpse
5. Transparence
6. Whispering Woods
7. Light Keeper
8. New Day 

Any kind of feedback, in the form of review or radio play, is very welcomed.
SHESGOT are available for interviews by email / skype / phone.

… “A glimpse”





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