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New Real Disaster
“Tomorrow Will Come”
out on February 26th 2020 

Tuscany’s New Real Disaster are not new to the Italian and Euro punk scene, as they started in 2006 but have been forced to stop their activity for a few years.
Punk rockers rejoice! 2021 will see their comeback with “Tomorrow Will Come”, their second full-length being released on February 26th by Striped Records (Italy) on LP, CD and digital.
Following 2015’s “The Truth, The Lie And The Compromise” (Indelirium Records). “Tomorrow Will Come” carries on with the band’s values.
It doesn’t happen easily in punkrock to discover a band that has a unique, personal sound, but NRD will surprise you.
Their style is a blend of the old school and the pop punk, with well-thought lyrics screamed by an aggressive, female voice. 

“Tomorrow Will Come”
New Real Disaster
[February 26th 2021]
folk punk, punk hardcore
Base:  Italy
Label / Booking / Press:
Striped Records

… “Tomorrow Will Come” (official lyric video)



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