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Spaghetti Wrestlers
“Tururarap Turap”
out on May 14th 2021 

You could portrait SPAGHETTI WRESTLERS as tomato
sauce, a hint of oil, burning chillies and three musicians
that end up splashing their faces in it all, making a mess
of their trousers.

A little hint of garage sound but not too much, a sunday
punk attitude and power-pop melodies to recount stories
of exuberant love, unexpected hormonal impulses and
close bummers of the third kind. 

“Tururarap Turap”
Spaghetti Wrestlers
[May 14, 2021]
punk garage, rock
Base:  Italy
Label / Booking / Press:
Vina Records / Believe Italia


Mixed by Davide Diomede and Mirko Losito at Moscow Mule (Biella. IT)
Mastered by Andrea “Bernie” Debernardi at Eleven Mastering (Varese, IT)
Label & Management: www.vinarecords.com 
📸 Carola Sagliaschi

… “Stand By Me”


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