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“Twenty​-​Twenty Live at Forte Geremia”
out June 25th 2021 

“We’re proud to present “Twenty-Twenty Live at Forte Geremia”, its first live video.
Recorded on top of Forte Geremia, in the outskirts of Genoa, Italy, the video shows the band playing its debut EP “Twenty-Twenty” (consisting of one 20-minute-20-second instrumental song and published on 20 November 2020) live for the first time.

“Twenty-Twenty Live at Forte Geremia” was recorded on a sunny and windy Sunday 7th March 2021 on top of an old fort (819m asl). The band is captured live for the first time in a vast landscape, between sea and mountains.
In this way, IKITAN gives justice to the original idea of the IKITAN divinity, the alleged God of the Sound of the Stones.” 

KITAN’s debut EP “Twenty-Twenty” is available as a limited-edition (200 copies) digipack with a free poster and sticker as well as a digital download on Bandcamp

“Twenty​-​Twenty Live at Forte Geremia”
[June 25, 2021]
instrumental rock, post-rock, prog metal, prog rock
Base:  Genoa, Italy

 Video: Squeasy Film
Sound Engineer: Stefano Gualtieri
Mix and Master: IKITAN
Pictures: Gezabel and Sara
Forte Geremia’s staff: Manuela and Stefano
T-shirt: Ezio
Hand-made guitar: Juliant Carpenter
IKITAN’s patch: Superb Patch
IKITAN’s socks: Napit it
Drum bass skin: Redhouse Drums
IKITAN’s artwork: Luca Marcenaro
Thanks to Comune di Masone and A.T.V. Forte Geremia for the hospitality and the ravioli.
Recorded on top of Forte Geremia (819 m asl) at 5°C on a windy
Sunday 7th March 2021.


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