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WHTYB release their “Underground Against Racism” charity compilation! 

After the success of their first charity compilation last year, What Happened to your Band? (WHTYB Press) is releasing a new charity compilation, “Underground Against Racism”, featuring 23 underground bands (pop punk, punk rock, hardcore, metalcore).
All proceeds will go to the George Floyd Memorial Fund, as well as other victims of racial injustice such as Jamee JohnsonBreonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery (all proceeds will be split equally between all causes).

WHTYB once again collaborated with graphic designer Laurence Crow for the creation of the artwork. He comments: “Music and art are a great platform to spread messages that can better the world around us, and this release is not only sending out an important message, but also raising money to help victims of racial injustice. I wanted this art to show the struggle that demonstrators are going through, to raise their voices and their fists against a society systematically putting them down, holding their fists to that burning flame.
Valentine, owner of WHTYB, comments: “The music industry has always been a supportive community and I hope to bring together as many people as possible around this important cause. No one should be discriminated against because of their skin color, sexual orientation or religion. This is a global fight. Thanks to anyone willing to help out, your support is greatly appreciated!



“Underground Against Racism” tracklist:
1. Amber Lamps – “This Just In
2. Drastic Park – “Bother Me”
3. The Sobers – “A Call
4. Life in Idle – “Hourglass
5. Arcane Ghosts – “Petrified
6. Two Eyes Open – “Face the Light
7. VNDALE – “Out For Blood
8. Old School Reasons – “Who Pulls The Trigger?
9. Card Reader – “True Enemy
10. Resistors – “Stay Forgotten, Man
11. Back On Earth – “Until Tonight
12. Tears of a Fallen Hero – “For the Future Generation
13. Marcus: the Apex Predator – “What Say You?
14. Comminor – “The Cure For Bullshit
15. More Amour – “Golden
16. Without The Accent – “Guilty by Association
17. Ink Bomb – “Griefwalker
18. The Noisy Crows – “Do You Ever?
19. Anchors to Anchors – “Keep Your Friends Close
20. The Losing Score – “The Modern Art of Hitting Snooze
21. TRANK – “Chrome
22. Romain Ughetto – “Viva la Vida
23. Sean Nolan and the Heartmakers – “Velveteen Sleeves” 

Drastic Park – “Bother Me”

Life in Idle – “Hourglass”

Two Eyes Open – “Face the Light”

VNDALE – “Out For Blood”

The Noisy Crows – “Do You Ever?

TRANK – “Chrome”

and others…


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