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All My Faith Lost
out on March 9th 2021 

After 11 years from their EP “Decade”, all my faith lost … are back with a new full length album.
 Originally thought as the starting point of a new decade of amfl activities, and then resulting the only original release in this long span of time, this album is the perfect representation of what amfl are right now.

These eleven brand new songs enclose all the distinguishing traits of the band’s previous works, distilled through several important events occurred in amfl members’ lives, a better artistic maturity, and the additional influences brought in by the new guitarist Angelo Roccagli.

As for the previous full length albums, this release is profoundly inspired by art, this time by visual art. Each song is influenced by a painting by some of our favorite artists related to Pop Surrealism movement such as João Ruas, Tara McPherson, Nicoletta Ceccoli and Ray Caesar.

Each painting suggested us a story, instilled feelings and emotions that we eventually translated into lyrics and music, touching upon diverse themes as the human estrangement from nature (Nymphs IV / Keeping time), death and afterlife (Awakening the moon / We all die sometimes / The inconvenience of spirits), Greek mythology (Cassandra) and some of the darkest sides of love (White thread, Flood).

This album is a journey starting with a violent dream and finishing with a calm walk in a moonlit forest.

All My Faith Lost
[March 9, 2021]
acoustic, darkwave, ethereal, goth
Base:  Italy


Viola Roccagli: vocals, piano, synths, flute – Federico Salvador: vocals, guitars, synths – Angelo Roccagli: guitars, bass guitar – Fabio Polo: violins – Alice Micol Moro: cello on White thread 
The ice princess and Nymphs IV:  Chiara Tricarico: vocals on White thread – Marco I. Benevento: vocals on White thread 
written, arranged, performed and recorded by all my faith lost …

violin arrangements by Fabio Polo – cello arrangements by Alice Micol Moro
composed and recorded between 2014 and 2019 at home studios in Valvasone and San Vito al Tagliamento 
mixed by Paolo Rebellato in 2020 – mastered by Frederic Arbour in 2020

artwork concept by all my faith lost …
design and layout by Federico Salvador
© 2020 Angelo Roccagli, Federico Salvador (tracks 1, 9, 10, 11)
© 2020 Federico Salvador (tracks 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8)
© 2020 Angelo Roccagli (track 7)

thanks to: Frederic Arbour / Cyclic Law
Chiara Tricarico and Moonlight Haze
Marco I. Benevento and The Foreshadowing
Alice Micol Moro, Paolo Rebellato
and you, who patiently waited for all these silent years

Our gratitude goes to the artists who inspired all the music and the lyrics of this album:

Marco Mazzoni, Tara McPherson, João Ruas, Nicoletta Ceccoli, Ray Caesar, Brooke Shaden, Natalie Shau, Mark Rayden, David Stoupakis, Tom Bagshaw, Christian Shloe

… “The Inconvenience of Spirits”



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