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release “Liminal”
out on June 21st 2024 

“”As the feature on “Badman (Ting)” from Grammy award-winning UK Grime artist Flowdan might suggest, it would be misleading to label Valerian Swing as a rock band at this stage of their career. The trio’s fourth album, “Liminal,” is threaded with influences from contemporary film score, jazz and electronic music, as well as math and post rock.

“Liminal” is an album where dub co-exists with post-rock melodies, where rapid-fire jazz drumming is set alongside rich orchestration, and shimmering synths snake between layers of bass, drums and guitar. It’s a wonderful marriage of the electronic, synthetic and acoustic elements, a record operating at the edge of things, pushing out into new forms of art and music.

Such ambition and eclecticism has certainly paid off, as this expansive and cinematic record positions Valerian Swing as one of the most exciting contemporary acts in Europe.


[June 21st 2024] 
alternative, experimental, math rock, post-rock 
Base: Correggio, Italy 

Label / Booking / Press: 


All songs written by Valerian Swing 
Produced by Valerian Swing and Raffaele Marchetti 
Recorded and Mixed by Raffaele Marchetti 
Digital Mastering by Davide Cristiani 
Vinyl Mastering by Matt Bordin 
Trumpet in ‘Badman (Ting)’ & ‘Pond Riddim’ by Paolo Raineri 
Cello in ‘The Ritual’ & ‘Home’ by Mattia Cipolli 
French Horn in ‘The Ritual’ by Elisa Bognetti 
Piano in ‘Pond Riddim’ by Matteo Ranellucci 
Artwork by Sueo

Valerian Swing are: David Ferretti, Stefano Villani, Francesco Giovanetti

… “Gor-ai”


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