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Genere: Heavy Metal




Sleaszy Rider Records


Overtures, Sleaszy Rider Records, Truck Me Hard and MetalMessage are proud to announce the release of Overtures’ new official videoclip for the song “GO(L)D”, third track of the latest album “Artifacts” released in May 2016 by Sleaszy Rider Records.

The video, filmed by Marco Falanga directly connects its images with the lyrics of the song with three mini-stories showing how the modern society is affected by the lost of real values. A girl addicted to the modern drug: socials; a kid victim of the standardization of averageness; mankind devoted to the new God: go(l)d.

The videoclip is the second official videoclip released from the successfull album “Artifacts” who brought “Overtures” on stage with Stratovarius, Saxon, Rammstein, Korn, Halestorm, Gamma Ray, Megadeth.

Overtures willl be soon be on the road in a co-headlining European tour with Temperance

Temperance  +  Overtures




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